1. Coffee and tea We all know this – coffee and tea stains teeth Contains tannins which leads to the staining and discoloration Coffee is also acidic, and when the pH of your mouth is lower, your teeth are at higher risk for damage Adding a splash of milk makes them less damaging to our teeth!

1. Eggs If you’ve heard of biotin supplements for hair growth, eggs have a good amount of natural biotin! Biotin is essential for production of keratin – the hair protein! Protein is another ingredient important for hair health and eggs provide a lot per gram Eggs also contain nutrients that your hair needs such as zinc and selenium

Ever heard the saying that you are what you eat? As much as you can invest in skin care products and facials, there are certain foods to eat and certain foods to avoid while on the quest for perfect skin. Your skin works as a reflection of your overall health, as it is directly tied to your stomach bacteria. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, and is extremely responsive to shifts in diet. Having a healthy gut and digestive system reflects directly to clear skin! I have experimented with different diets, and I’m certain to say this list reflects not only scientific evidence, but tried and true experience. 1. Celery Juice Celery juice is the ultimate detox drink. The celery has anti-inflammatory properties and resets the stomach’s hydrochloric acid. Celery juice has the ability to starve viruses, bacteria, and mold in the body. Starving these ailments can lead to…

Things like homeownership, career success, raising a family and making a fantastic income are goals that most us want to achieve. Ask anyone what they want out of life and your likely to get one of these answers. Although these are worthwhile goals, we tend to forget the pleasure that is derived from simply eating. In our fast-paced society, many of us forget to eat or skip meals. Maybe its time to put a pause on our chaotic lives and enjoy the simplicity of eating flavorsome food. Below are some foods that everyone must try to honestly say they lived life: 1. Ramen, Japan – You’re probably laughing, but this Japanese noodle soup easily beats American chicken noodle soup and has saved many broke college students from going hungry. Traditionally ramen has thin noodles and is served in a flavorful chicken or beef broth and is topped with sliced pork, scallions,…

Surprising foods that are good for you We love food just as much as we love our family. It can be hard to stay healthy amidst all the delicious goodies that surround us. When we found out the health benefits of these favorites, we just had to share them! It makes us feel more like a healthy girl when the foods we love are actually good for us! Read on to learn our fave surprising healthy foods.

It’s hard to stay healthy without preparing a bit in advance. Easy access to junk food and drive thru’s make it difficult to keep your healthy binge in check. Luckily, these 4 smoothie recipes are so simple and can quench any craving. The best part is – you can take these quick smoothies with you on the go! So you won’t have to give in to the sour candy calling your name at the gas station.