Women love to wear makeup, and there are many types to choose from. Oftentimes, they may have questions about the ingredients being used. The following will answer some of those questions. Mascara There are five main ingredients used: 1. Oils – most contain sesame, mineral or eucalyptus oils. Other oils used are: linseed, castor and lanolin. The oils are what help the mascara stick to the wand brush, then to the eyelashes. Oils also help prevent clumping. 2. Waxes – contains palm wax, paraffin, beeswax or carnauba wax, which are especially helpful in waterproof mascaras. 3. Preservatives – contains guanine and many other stabilizing chemicals, too many names to mention. 4. Pigmentation – dyes that are used to color the mascara: black mascara – colored with tar, coal, ash and iron oxides; brown mascara – colored with chemical resins, tree bark and artificial colors; and the colors, green, red, blue,…

These ingredients are known for their vasodilating effects, meaning they increase the size of your blood vessels to allow more oxygen and fluids to pass through. This not only allows your blood pressure to decrease, but will plump your lips at the same time! 1. Cinnamon This spice is known for stimulating blood flow You can use cinnamon oil, or create a scrub my mixing cinnamon with coconut oil and massaging your lips for 5 minutes

1. Coffee and tea We all know this – coffee and tea stains teeth Contains tannins which leads to the staining and discoloration Coffee is also acidic, and when the pH of your mouth is lower, your teeth are at higher risk for damage Adding a splash of milk makes them less damaging to our teeth!

1. Eggs If you’ve heard of biotin supplements for hair growth, eggs have a good amount of natural biotin! Biotin is essential for production of keratin – the hair protein! Protein is another ingredient important for hair health and eggs provide a lot per gram Eggs also contain nutrients that your hair needs such as zinc and selenium

Is your hair falling out? Is it driving you crazy even just to shower? With all the ups and downs of life, it’s hard to manage a proper diet and keep stress free. Hair loss has three major causes: thyroid issues, anemia, or stress. If you can rule out the health issues, focusing on stress can help reduce hair loss. A stressful life can be hard to manage, and it can be especially hard to get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Adding supplements can make a world of difference and can reverse hair loss and help regrow hair. Look for these ingredients when choosing your supplements! 1. Collagen As trendy as collagen seems, it works. Adding collagen as a supplement is important because you are getting nutrients you usually wouldn’t get unless you’re actively eating chicken, beef, or fish bones. Collagen has been revered as the fountain of…

Ever heard the saying that you are what you eat? As much as you can invest in skin care products and facials, there are certain foods to eat and certain foods to avoid while on the quest for perfect skin. Your skin works as a reflection of your overall health, as it is directly tied to your stomach bacteria. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, and is extremely responsive to shifts in diet. Having a healthy gut and digestive system reflects directly to clear skin! I have experimented with different diets, and I’m certain to say this list reflects not only scientific evidence, but tried and true experience. 1. Celery Juice Celery juice is the ultimate detox drink. The celery has anti-inflammatory properties and resets the stomach’s hydrochloric acid. Celery juice has the ability to starve viruses, bacteria, and mold in the body. Starving these ailments can lead to…

With so much out there on the market for skincare, it’s difficult to determine what products are useful for you. Skincare offers lots of promises, but there needs to be a base level of education for an effective routine. There are many different nuances to skin, and it is important to fully understand what works for you. Depending on your skin type, you can find key active ingredients that will change your skin for the better. Question 1: How does your skin feel in the morning? A: Cracking, dry and stiff. B: Pretty okay, I haven’t really noticed. C: So oily I could’ve slipped off my pillow.

Fancy brushes and beauty tools always confused me. Walking to a store with the myriad of makeup brushes around me will always drive me to walk right out. I have always kept doing my makeup relatively simple, opting for a car mirror as opposed to a fancy lighted one, and always using my finger instead of an eyeshadow brush. If you are as makeup tool challenged as I am, read on the next page for foolproof, affordable hacks using everyday items!

How to give your skin that inner glow Dry skin gals know the struggle of getting that fresh, radiant glow to our face. It can be challenging, especially in climates where the sun is hiding most of the year. Here are my 3 beauty hacks to give your skin that inner glow all year round.