You Must Eat These 10 Foods Before You Die

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Things like homeownership, career success, raising a family and making a fantastic income are goals that most us want to achieve. Ask anyone what they want out of life and your likely to get one of these answers. Although these are worthwhile goals, we tend to forget the pleasure that is derived from simply eating. In our fast-paced society, many of us forget to eat or skip meals. Maybe its time to put a pause on our chaotic lives and enjoy the simplicity of eating flavorsome food. Below are some foods that everyone must try to honestly say they lived life:

1. Ramen, Japan – You’re probably laughing, but this Japanese noodle soup easily beats American chicken noodle soup and has saved many broke college students from going hungry. Traditionally ramen has thin noodles and is served in a flavorful chicken or beef broth and is topped with sliced pork, scallions, loads of veggies and sometimes a soft-boiled egg.

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