No one can be really sure when the pandemic will be really over or even what the new normal will look like. Herd immunity and/or vaccines may end this, but possibly not until after multiple spikes or outbreaks. What is likely is that at some point, it will be over. Life can resume, and that will include travel. You will probably be eager to travel, but where will you go? What are the best 12 post-pandemic travel locations? Keep reading to learn a dozen ranked possibilities and why they might be good ideas:

A few good photos uploaded to social media is all that it takes to get people to notice you. If you’re ready to make your followers jelly or to score tat first viral photo, location is everything. Take a peek at the top 20 Instagrammable photo locations below and head out to these spots for a great vacation and photo opp. Seattle During the spring, Seattle fills with cherry blossoms that provide a soft, subtle scenery worthy of any social media share. Choose a bright, sunny day and a well-bloomed bush to capture the best photo.

Looking for a romantic, kid-free summer vacation? Here’s a list of 15 travel destinations to visit without kids this year. Paris Few cities of the world evoke romance like the French capital. Whether you are foodies, fashionistas, or culture vultures, Paris offers the best of the best. Reasonably priced air fare from most of North America make Paris a no-brainer. New York City The city that never sleeps is the perfect pick for those interested in art or culture. Tickets to a Broadway show and a great meal are a recipe for romance. As a major world city, NYC is easily accessible for just about everywhere.

A great winter vacation doesn’t have to be about balmy weather and beaches. Skip the islands and embrace the cold and snow with a fun winter getaway. Enjoy all those winter sports by day and cozy up to a roaring fire by night with one of these 10 best winter getaways. 1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming Jackson Hole has three fantastic ski resorts: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Grand Targhee Resort, and Snow King Mountain Resort. Play in this winter wonderland with the peaks of Grand Teton National Park looming to the north. You’ll also be close to Yellow Stone National Park.

15 Best Places To Visit In Asia Without Kids There are many beautiful vacation spots tourists visit every year in Asia. However, not everyone wants to go to a place filled with loud, rowdy children. Luckily, Asia is filled with child-free relaxation areas for couples, groups of friends, or individuals just looking to get away. Here are 15 great places to visit in Asia without any kids. 1. Coco Island in the Maldives Not only are the rooms overlooking water; they’re on it. You can step out for a swim. There’s also a spa and snorkeling.

Australia is one of the most exotic, cultured places in the world and traveling without children can allow you to actually experience the Down Under in an entirely different way with many less restrictions on your activities. It would be impossible to see everything on a vacation so plan your trip carefully and take in as much of the experience as you can! Make sure you take a camera so you capture all of the beauty and mystery of this magical place. Darwin No one can possibly experience the magic of Australia without spending time in Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory. A paradise for adventurers, Darwin offers a wide variety of cultured restaurants as well as a market exploding with local arts and crafts. Enjoy the cuisine, find the perfect gifts and then relax while watching the sun set into the ocean while you enjoy the entertainment…

The following list are 10 of the most popular, yet cheapest, places in the world to travel right now.   These countries have very favorable nightly room rates, easy access to transportation, and great activities.  Check them out below! 1. Zanzibar Zanzibar is not only beautiful but much cheaper than one would think. The ferry from mainland Tanzania is only $35. Airfare is usually about $100. AirBnBs can run as low as $40 per night. Local restaurants are also cheap: usually a good meal can be had for less than $10, maybe double that at one of the larger hotels.

You love your children and would do anything for them. Family vacations spent trooping from one kiddie attraction to the next have left you longing for a serene, peaceful getaway where your name is not “Mummy” or “Daddy.” You may be wondering if there is anywhere in England where you can escape for a kid-free environment for a short holiday. Good news – there are several places where children do not dominate the landscape. Here are a few places for you to plan your escape for a short vacation without guilt.

A vacation to the United States will give you a time of a lifetime. From big cities, historical sites and coastlines, the adventure never stops. The United States is made up of various destinations making it difficult to distinguish the best place to describe the USA. Thus, this article aims at highlighting some of the most exciting places to visit.  Starting with the number one must see place in the United States: New York Photo by: Austin Scherbarth New York City is considered as the largest city in the world. Many individuals tend to explain this city by saying that no other city in the world can be compared to New York. For visitors, walking through the streets feels like walking through a movie set. There are many historical and famous buildings such as Central Park, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, and the Fifth Avenue.…