These ingredients are known for their vasodilating effects, meaning they increase the size of your blood vessels to allow more oxygen and fluids to pass through. This not only allows your blood pressure to decrease, but will plump your lips at the same time! 1. Cinnamon This spice is known for stimulating blood flow You can use cinnamon oil, or create a scrub my mixing cinnamon with coconut oil and massaging your lips for 5 minutes

1. Coffee and tea We all know this – coffee and tea stains teeth Contains tannins which leads to the staining and discoloration Coffee is also acidic, and when the pH of your mouth is lower, your teeth are at higher risk for damage Adding a splash of milk makes them less damaging to our teeth!

1. Eggs If you’ve heard of biotin supplements for hair growth, eggs have a good amount of natural biotin! Biotin is essential for production of keratin – the hair protein! Protein is another ingredient important for hair health and eggs provide a lot per gram Eggs also contain nutrients that your hair needs such as zinc and selenium

A great winter vacation doesn’t have to be about balmy weather and beaches. Skip the islands and embrace the cold and snow with a fun winter getaway. Enjoy all those winter sports by day and cozy up to a roaring fire by night with one of these 10 best winter getaways. 1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming Jackson Hole has three fantastic ski resorts: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Grand Targhee Resort, and Snow King Mountain Resort. Play in this winter wonderland with the peaks of Grand Teton National Park looming to the north. You’ll also be close to Yellow Stone National Park.

Some of the most luxurious brands in the world are known for their beautiful garments and accessories. But some of these brands have also focused on designing expensive footwear. Here are the most sought-after and expensive shoes. Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin shoes are probably one of the most expensive shoes on this list. You can spot a Louboutin a mile away with its signature red soles and a 5-inch heel. Louboutin said that he made these iconic shoes by accident when he worked as a freelance shoe designer in the early 80s. He wanted to paint the soles red after he noticed his assistant wear nail polish in that color. He introduced his most expensive shoe collection in 2010 which featured plenty of rhinestones and sexy straps. Even though this brand has had its share of legal battles over YVS and counterfeit brands, Louboutin is one of the most popular…