Top 4 Deal Breakers When Shopping For A House

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General neglect

A seller can always avert attention from details that signal neglect with fresh coats of paint. However, that beautiful coat of paint or those new appliances don’t tell the entire story.

If you look carefully, there will be tell-tale signs of neglect of the major systems of the house, such as old lightbulbs, painted walls that look tacky after drying, chipped or mildewed caulking, or worse, brown spots on the ceilings or walls.

Spots indicate water leakage from the roof. They also indicate that the roof probably hasn’t been repaired. If the owner didn’t want to invest in replacing the water-damaged material inside the house, then they’re not going to replace damaged roof material when roofing repair is so expensive.

You can avoid being taken advantage of by paying for a pre-buying inspection. This is an inspection that’s specifically tailored to home buyers who need to know how much care or neglect the house has experienced.

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