To understand why we started BleuBloom, let’s take a deep dive. We are reader driven, and before everything we do, we think of you. We understand, there’s a lot out there to read, and a lot to look at. Did you know the average attention span is 7 seconds? With that in mind, we are meticulous in delivering you what you want. Our brand is here to scour and serve you, your favorites.


Inspired by streetwear and the runway, we want to make fashion approachable. We want to make the runway a little less intimidating for you, because just like us – you want to be seen in the freshest trends.


Beauty for all of us is undefined. We strive for a balance of holistic and glam, for an inner beauty and an ability to rock the bold trends. Like you, we want our beauty to shine a light on our prettiest attributes, whatever they may be.


Indulgence is our favorite word. Whether we are scouting the best places to eat across the globe or discovering what the new health kick is, we are eaters. Recipes, food staging, reviews, recommendations – and that’s just the beginning.


Wanderlust inspires us and helps us grow. We see value in new culture, new fashion, new beauty, and new food through a desire to explore. Our instincts urge us to forge new connections, and we believe in an international presence.


There’s a string that ties all parts of BleuBloom together, and for that we have lifestyle. The lifestyle we live is honest, bold, and confident, and we want that to shine through our content. And most of all, we strive to show you that we are all one.