The world’s worst jobs & salaries (the last one will surprise you!)


We know that sometimes work life can be a drag. We can’t always love our jobs. We thought it would be interesting to compile a list of the world’s worst jobs and their salaries. These jobs either have low projected growth, high stress, but they all have one thing in common- very low pay. Let’s stay informed as a boss girl and stay away from these career choices.

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  1. Are you Crazy ? Very low salary ? In Slovakia, scientist on full-time earn cca 9000 EUR a year, which is about 9770 USD a year. Scientist has no free time, he work in the institute 10-12 hours, then he continues at home, but for office department he work just only 8 hours a day. But the reality is different. Managing the scientific grant is hardly stressful, because you have to be responsible for thinks, you are unable to influence. The scientist is at the end of the chain in the institute.

  2. Market proposes salary. Mind proposes choice. No one guarantees happiness. Cersumstanses are changing. Changes propose to change ones mind approach.

  3. I loved the article, however, you know here in lebanon i used to work in a tv broadcasting station for 200$ a month! What would that do?!

  4. Nowadays in Italy it’s so hard to get a job that you will take virtually anything. Low pay is better than no pay. Just think of the lady who couldn’t even get a job as a cleaner in a school in Sicily- she is now running harvard business school!

  5. Dont mess world and US.. 10$ per year is very very high sallary in many countries.. for example in Ukraine many people earn less than 2000$ per year!!!!

  6. there are even more less salary in the asia…some earn less then $300 a month…countries like Cambodia Myanmar Malaysia Vietnam Thailand…

  7. The only difference between a firefighter and a police officer
    is a police officer is underworked and overpaided


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