6 Jobs That Probably Won’t Be Around in 10 Years

Travel Agent

With the rise of the internet and the ability to book trips for cheap using sites comparable to travel agents, this old-school job is slowly fading out of the system.  Gone are the days where we need a third party person to find the better deals when travelling, because the internet has made that ability so much easier for us.

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  1. I am not so sure about the jobs of postal workers diminishing. The more online shopping there is the greater the need for postal workers to actually deliver the items ordered online to the actual buyers in their actual homes or business premises.

    • That’s the point.
      We will always need postal worker cos most of the purchase done online will be brought to us by then. Only that there job is changing in dimension. Instead of letters and documents, it will be Goods…..

    • Correct. Although, like was pointed out private companies have invaded and taken over what used to be the postal office’s forte.

      I don’t think all these jobs will be completely extinct but will become less and less relevant. Like the horse and boggy rides we see still reserved for tourists in some cities.

    • You’re definitely not wrong but I think this is actually a job that will be gone. Like the article says it will likely be taken over by private companies. I work in an international webshop and i notice daily that the postal service is very rigid and unforgiving. So specific hours and very bad tracking (in my country atleast) while private companies can deliver at set times and offer very detailed tracking info.

    • I do agree with boths for is gonna be a rising level of shoppers through internet but at the same time there will be a deep cut in the tradittional mail. I think one will balance the other. So everyone will survive

    • I agree with you for at least 20 or more years. How will older receive their bills and also the private fast delivery services are terribly non professional. They are faster but not so caring for the goods they are delivering and they are also much more expensive.

    • what about the amazon drones that deliver the smaller packages? they are taking work away from punlic and private postal delivery workers.

    • Yes, I am always having to replace my York barbell set every time I move, and giving postal workers a new job is the only way to compensate

  2. Umm, there is UPS AND FedEx AND other delivery companies. Also the USPS, can sometimes be costlier than the above mentioned companies…so the USPS can very well be obsolete, regardless, jump on your bandwagon and apply!

  3. I agree with previous comment. Postal service is here to stay, and on contrary it will grow because people tend to buy everything online, and often directly from the country which make this stuff – the best example is China. So i suppose they will get a lot more work in comparison with the past, and it’s fair to say that their profession is on the rise.

    • Actually no! The numbers of people unemployed in the UK is likely to increase a lot , with people losing jobs in every sector. The advances in ICT technology are moving very fast – by 2020, it can be seen that High Street Banks may become a thing of the past and that all service industries will be refined. There is already software on the market to change every corner of human life and if companies do not adopt it in the near future, they will become extinct – that is how powerful it is.
      There are Robots that can build houses, there are robots that can fill shelves, and the UK took delivery of humanoid robots last year – how much more will become dependant on Robots? Where will that leave people who will never be able to find work?

  4. I’m not sure about printers and publishers. Paper books are around for more than 1000 years and nothing compares to the touch, feeling and smell of a book, not mentioning its durability.

    • i was afraid about this. But, your comment subdued my fear because no matter what there is nothing like a paper back (BOOK). No virus can wipe out the content of books unlike the digital media.

  5. Until companies like FedEx and UPS reach all the destinations that national postal services do, there will always be a need for postal services. It may be downsized and not have great career opportunities, but it will continue to exist, IMO.

  6. what about security reasons> People would rather fetch their deliveries from the post office as ” neutral place” than for many strangers to come deliver at their premises.

  7. I agree that postal workers have actually got more work now due to parcels etc as for people not wanting human interaction, well I saw an airport with nearly 50+ people lining up to the only two people behind a desk while no more then about 3 or 4 people were at the automated booths (numbering easily in the 20+ range) for tickets….. I have questions and needs that a machine can not yet fulfil. Can a computer take my stroller or sort out my surf board? Can it tell me where to find customs and having worked in it, there is always some sort of networking glitch or problem. People ask questions and need help that automated retail cannot yet fulfil either.

  8. It is not truth that customers do not want the cashier. It is the management who seek ways to cut costs and rise their profit even with so small amounts they are paying to that type of workers.

  9. I truely believe that the Taxi driver job is on the way out. I am marrried ot one and in the last few years it is getting harder and harder to make money. This shared apps like Uber Smithare ruining it for these drivers. Its sad because some people like being able to hale a cab but with uber you can’t.

  10. You say email marketing can replace telemarketing. I say it’s not possible. I would acknowledge the fact that email marketing is effective, but how to do you plan to get everyone’s email addresses? If they see a strange email in the inbox it’s spam. Email addresses are a form of explicit data, and you should only send emails to people who willingly provided that information.

  11. None of these jobs wil ever die out, especially not taxi driver. Not everybody has the car, that’s the main reason. And this thing about publushers disappearing is stupid too. No matter how advanced computer technology might be we always need things in printed versions.

  12. About “publishers and printers”… CDs don’t replace vinyl LPs. MP3s don’t replace CDs. What do you prefer? Real girl or rubber one?

  13. The solution to that is for cabbies to come out with their own app and set it up like Uber. They surely have more cars.

  14. It will be ‘AI’ lead. Postal workers will be robots and the vans delivering will be driverless. Yes there will still be a need for some human working but only a percentage of todays volume.

  15. With so many jobs disappearing, and so much unemployment in all sectors, I wonder who will earn enough money to buy stuff online and maintain those modern companies.

  16. Totally agree that travel agents won’t be in need in a few years. Almost now people are trying to save their many, plan everything and travel by themselves, because everything is simple, it’s not hard at all. But it’s a pity, for people who like their work.. They should think about their future and start writing new resume..

  17. The world’s going crazy and sooner it will be doomed due to strange things happening in the sky. All job industries around the world will be as useless as nothing when all life forms on earth are are candidates for extinction. The world as we know it will not let your jobs last because everything on earth will be destroyed be His (God) undefying wrath! So get ready and be prepared.

  18. Planet X aka Nibiru is coming and it’s wrecking havoc to earth. If it misses to hit earth (at least) it will still cause a massive effect on earth due to it’s gravitational pull that will bring a cataclysmic events and kill all life forms. Again, let’s all prepare for this, we only have one life to keep, that is if we survive. But what’s the sense of surviving?

  19. I doubt about the taxi driver, not everybody will have cars in 10 years and people tend to travel alot especially to other countries. As soon as you land in the airport, most of us need a taxi to bring us to our destination. It’s not just about the gps, but your way of getting where you want to go. Over the years tourists have been growing in numbers.


  21. I don’t agree with most of this article! Doing away with books and using A digital book? I don’t think so! A lot of people like to hold a book in their hand instead of an iPad or a Nook. The cashier part is bogus too! Can you see shopping for food and clothes without having a person to check you out. Those self-service things never work right and cashiers always have to come to your rescue! Very easy to steal from also…, e.g., weighting meat as bananas, etc. Some of these jobs might disappear in the big cities but I can’t see it happening in the average and smaller towns across America.

  22. The US Post office rates are far less than the other services. Did you know that some of the other services will take your shipment directly to the local post office. The local UPS wanted to charge me $91 to mail a large box of books. The US post office charged me $19. I was told by a worker at UPS after I complained about the cost (Don’t tell anyone please – she said) Just take it to the Post office that’s what we will do with it.

  23. With self driving cars becoming more and more of a reality taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, almost anything that transports from A to B will be obsolete. That includes delivery of product and mail. Retail clerks will go due mainly because brick and mortar businesses will no longer exist. Even a car salesman will be unnecessary as people will research what they are looking for and go to a test drive centre to get a feel for the vehicle. This brings me to the logic behind politicians allowing deficits to grow as there will not be the tax base we have today. Think about it.

  24. In Australia whilst mail traffic is down considerably, the doom and gloom predicted has not eventuated and the post office is booming because of the major increase in parcel deliveries

  25. Ridiculous notion that cashiers will be gone in six years. In fact, thinking any of these jobs will be gone in six years is ridiculous.

  26. i disagree. these jobs will still exists..small retailers will still have cashiers, postal services will still relevant, taxi drivers will still be around..

  27. I am postal worker for 20 + years and would say that the higher authorities treat the employees and the supervisors like a mule. Nowadays the new hired employees won’t last long in their carrier as soon as they get experienced to the job nature. They personally resigning in they probationary period. Postal service now begging for a worker. If this continues not 6, but a little more years that job will fade out. Any time when things change it gets worse and worser. That company is based on lies and falsification.

  28. Insanity is the word! If all these jobs become extinct then this world will be chaotic! Where will the money come from to buy anything? No work, no money/economy, hence there will be robberies, mayhem and anarchy! The bubble/boil is festering and will burst with an explosion of recession. Greed is lurking at every corner and the biggest losers will be the ones who are coming up with these cacameme ideas. Good luck! I guess when all this come into effect, I will take up residence by then at Silent City!


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